Phd. Status – On hold

So it looks like I need 3 undergraduate classes to get admitted to the PhD program. It’s kinda crazy but I wasn’t even remotely upset, in fact I was expecting a lot worse. I’m actually excited to take these courses, really really excited.  The classes are pretty easy and stuff I can already do, but it’s just not on paper as a checked box yet.

With that said, I will be hopefully taking at least one course next year starting in Feb, 2017. I also need to start working on renewing my CCIE and studying for the written again.. challenging but doable. Soon enough I’ll get my 10 years in and can be an emeritus and no longer have to worry about it.

I’ve been pondering this for a while, but I think I’m going to start progress on a book. I’m not going to reveal what it is, it’s a bit of a surprise but I will say it combines many of my talents and knowledge areas. My expectation is it to be an evergreen book so it can be used for a while and not just end up as a paper weight. I think at this point I will self publish but I’m not 100% sure yet

Lastly I wanted to thank John Sonmez at Simple Programmer for being the inspiration for me to start progress on my book!


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